With Wrk, you can other users to help manage job posts and candidates. There is a dedicated Team management section available to Admins in Account Settings.

To invite a new user, click the "Invite new member" button on the Team management screen.

The Team management screen in Wrk with the Invite new team member button highlighted

A form will be presented to input their email address and assign as role. You can learn more about user roles here.

The Invite team member modal in Wrk

After filling out the Invite team member form, click "Send invite". An email will be sent to them with instructions on creating a Wrk user account that will be associated with your company.

When the invite is first sent you'll see it appear in list with the note: "Invite sent—not yet accepted". After the recipient accepts the invite and registers their user account, they will be displayed as an active team member.

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