Account settings is where you can manage your user profile, company information, job board configuration, and other related options. There's a lot settings within it, but to get you started, we'll give a brief introduction to each section here.

You can access Account settings at any time using the dropdown menu in the top right corner of Wrk.

The user menu in Wrk

Account settings is organized into categories that you can access using the navigation of the left. Clicking into each section will display the options available within it.

The Account settings screen in Wrk with the navigation highlighted

Company (Admin only)

The Company management section is available for Admins to configure some basic information about the company. This includes the name, website URL, and how remote the company is.

The Company management section in Wrk

The company name and email entered here will both be used for your job board.

Team (Admin only)

The Team management section is available for Admins invite other users to their Wrk account. Roles can also be assigned to users to specify their permissions within your Wrk organization.

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The Team management section in Wrk

Job board (Admin only)

Admins can configure their company job board from the Job board settings section. From here, you can adjust navigation behavior, company branding, and author additional content to be displayed with your job list.

The Job board settings screen in Wrk

Job categories (Admin only)

The Job categories section exists to allow Admins to manage the categories used to group and organize their job posts within Wrk and on their company job board.

The Job categories section in Wrk

Integrations (Admin only)

Admins can manage their active integrations from the Integrations section of Account settings. Each integration has it's own configuration page.

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The Integrations section in Wrk

Plan & billing (Owner only)

The Plan & billing section is where Owners can subscribe to Wrk or manage an active subscription. Past invoices can also be accessed from this screen.

The Plan & billing screen in Wrk


The Your profile section is where users can manage their profile within Wrk. This includes items such as their name, email address, profile picture, and password.

The Your profile screen in Wrk


The Notifications settings enables users to control if their email notifications are enabled or disabled.

The Notification settings screen in Wrk

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